Egg In A Bag and Other Weird Eggs

Here are several other articles about weird eggs. If your bird has laid one, it might be an isolated case or a sign of big trouble. For your bird's sake take the time to read these and understand.
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Outside of Egg in a Bag
This is the weirdest looking egg I've ever seen. One of Jamie's hens laid it in August 2001. The egg in a bag photos are really nice. Jamie took them and shared them with me. Jamie is known on the Internet as GAJamie from SE Georgia.

Inside the bag is an egg. Its shell was thin, it was more round than oval, but it was a complete egg.
I've seen eggs with double yokes, eggs with no yokes, pullet's first eggs small as a dime, soft shell eggs, and eggs with no shell just a membrane. This is the first egg in a bag I've seen.
Inside of Egg in a Bag
I guess the egg in a bag is not a one of a kind happening. Megan ( found a "bag" from one of her "battery" hens. They had also laid a small soft-shelled one (and have also laid a regular one).

Pat Gardner ( had an egg in a bag last year (2000). He thinks it was one of the first eggs laid by one of his pullets. He never had another egg like it and all the birds seemed healthy.

Charlie said in the spring of 2001 one of his turkeys laid a slightly larger than normal egg. He noticed a small crack so instead of setting the egg, he cracked it open. There was a fully formed egg inside the outer egg. Charlie set the inner egg but it wasn't fertile.

Terri Brown of Warrenton Virginia found this egg inside an egg back in 1991. She thinks it came from an Indian Runner Duck. She took this picture.
Egg In An Egg
Here is an egg laid early 2002. Of course the owner was concerned, especially because of the parts extending from the egg.
Cheryl Russell had a hen that had a prolapsed oviduct. Soon after that the hen laid a leathery egg. Cheryl found this strange egg the next day. The photos were taken by Cheryl.

Nine days later Cheryl punctured the darkened outer cover and found a yoke inside, washed away the yoke, and discovered an inner deep red membrane and an outer membrane. The outer membrane contained the fibrous projections seen in the images.

Suze Scott found a weird egg in April 2003. As Suze says: "I just picked up the strangest egg from the chicken yard. Itís about the same size as normal, but it is warped, folded and wrinkled. Itís not a silkie egg; I donít know which of the other hens laid it. One of my hens sometimes lays (very) soft shelled eggs, but this is as firm as any. Could this strange shaped egg indicate a problem with the hen? Or is it just one of those weird things that sometimes happens?"

Annette found a weird egg in May 2003. Louise the Horrible laid it and we all feared for Louise's health. A few weeks later, Louise laid a normal egg.

Not so "devine retreating."
Poor Louise did it again in February 2004.
Here's what Annette saw and what it turned out to be.
Don't worry, Louise recovered again!

Mom's worried

Not a new variety of rice.
Louise at it yet again in June 2004. Could this be chicken menopause?
Annette, ever the teacher, cut it open to discover an incredible stench.
Still no worry, Louise recovered yet again!

Dangerous fumes!

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Tom Belisle Found this egg from a pullet that had only been laying for 3 or fewer weeks.
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