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Prolapsed Oviduct

By Alan Stanford, Ph.D.
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Carla Emery in the Encyclopedia of Country Living says, "Wash the protruding mass with warm water and a gentle antiseptic. Lubricate it with medicated Vaseline or "Bag Balm". Then push the prolapsed mass very gently back into the vent. In cold weather, dry the wet feathers with a hair dryer or some such. Isolate the recovering hen from the rest of the flock. Feed her drastically reduced rations for a week to slow up the egg laying. But supply plenty of greens and fresh water. Clean her vent each day and apply ointment. By the end of the week she will probably be fine again and able to return to the flock."

Using a hemorrhoid cream (Preparation H for example) on the prolapse helps reduce swelling. Another good idea and one I have heard veternarians suggest is to squirt some glucose or sugar water inside the vent. The sugar reduces swelling by drawing out the excess fluid.

It is a very good idea to cover the prolapse with xylocaine gel. Lidocaine or Oragel will work as well. The xylocaine completely numbs the area. The hen will not feel the prolapse go back in and will stop straining to push it back out.

From: Bobbie's Backyard Poultry
Prolapse is a condition where the hen's oviduct protrudes through the vent. If not discovered quickly, the hen will die from the other chicken's pecking at this moist, protruding area.
The condition occurs when the hen starts laying at a very young age, she is too fat, or lays very large eggs. If discovered in time, that is, before the others have started to pick at it, it may be reversed.
Pick up the hen and calm her. Apply some vegetable oil or mineral oil to the prolapsed area, and gently work the oviduct back inside. Apply little bit of sugar, not too much, which will help the area to contract, and then apply hemorrhoidal cream (such as Preparation H) and finally isolate the hen.
In about 4 hours, repeat the hemorrhoidal cream application. Keep her isolated and electrolytes with vitamins until she improves, which will be several days.
Infected Prolapse
If you haven't gotten to your hen in time and the others have been pecking at her for some time, the prolapse might have become infected. If you think it's infected, wash the vent area and exposed oviduct with warm soapy water, then cleanse with betadine, leave in place for at least 30 seconds, and rinse. Finally follow the directions above.

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